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Crown Hotel and RAF Connection

This plaque is on a side wall, facing The Old Bell Tavern. I will investigate further when I am able due to Covid restrictions at present.


Harrogate’s Cenotaph is located in the centre of Harrogate facing Parliament Street with Cambridge Road and Cambridge Crescent on either side. The front brass plate is made up of 3 panels of 3 columns with the name of 641 people […]

The Royal Baths, Harrogate, Bygone Days

The Royal Baths were built in 1894-7 by Baggerley Bristow. They were once Europe's premier destination for spa treatments and the pampered rich. Politicians and royalty came to 'take the waters'. There were also assembly rooms and a winter garden […]

The Crown Hotel, Crown Place, Harrogate

Since 1660 there have been many buildings called "The Crown". In 1847 The Crown Hotel on Crown Place had a central section rebuilt in a chaste neoclassical design. In 1870 the Crown estate ran as far as Parliament Street, was […]